Combustible reconstruction gas

___A shief metallurg of “TehnoIngeniring.RF” company wrote: 
___From large number of the designed processes, the most spreading has got the processes of the reception spongy ferric and metallize rollings. The Process of the reception krices though and use in row of the countries, however in consequence of low capacity – he is not perspective. The Processes of the direct reception by fluid steels while they are used in experienced and halfindustrial scale and can not compete with twostages by way of the reception become (the domain stove – a steel-melting stove). However this does not exclude the possibility their further improvement and development more efficient and economic profitable processes.
___Spongy iron get reconstruction of high-quality ore or concoction under comparatively low temperature (less 1100 degrees), excluding melting, as well as stoving ore. As restorers use the gases and gas mixture: monooxides carbon, hydrogen or their mixture of the different composition and hard carbon. One of the main requirements presented to restorer, is a low contents of the sulphur. The Warm-up conditions of the process is to a considerable extent conditioned by type of the applicable restorer that is connected with kinetic particularity of the process of the reconstruction hard oxides ferric by gas or hard carbon. When use of hard carbon, the necessary more high temperatures, since velocity of the process of the reconstruction is limited velocity to reactions regeneration of monooxides carbon, (CO2 + С = 2СО), as a result which is newly formed monooxid carbon, spent on reconstruction oxides ferric.
___Comparatively low temperatures of the process of the reception spongy ferric condition the low reset rate so in offered way big attention spare the intensification of the process. To this effect use the different principles a cart heats, fine pulverizing shicht material, their mix when recovering and other ways. This defines the particularities a design installation and unit applicable for reception spongy ferric. For reception spongy ferric use mine, recirculating, tunnel and tubular stove. Row of the processes of the reception of powder spongy ferric is designed In recently in boiling layer in special reactor.
___The Reception of spongy ferric and metallize rollings is produced in mine stove basically. Exists the row of the ways, which will differ the friend from friend design installation, composition and method of the reception of the gas – a restorer, as well as way cart heats required for process. The Source of the heat, right in worker space stove, can be following: 
—1.) The Combustible reconstruction gas, as well as products of before burn in stove of a part perfected by gas. 
—2.) Electric heat. 
—3.) The Products of combustion (heating outside, through wall stove).
___One from the most wide-spread is a way “Midrex”, designed in USA. This way use on row plant USA, Canada and Germany, as well as countries of the Near East, Africas and South America. In Russia this way is enclosed in technological scheme Oskol electrometallurgishe plants of the combine for reception metallize rollings, which use for aftermelts them in electostove. The Main element of the installation “Midrex” are two zoned mine stoves and gas reformer, intended for conversion of the natural gas CH4. In mine stove is realized reconstruction of rollings by gas, got in reformers as a result of conversions of the natural gas dioxid carbon CO2 on reactions CH4 + CO2 = 2CO + 2H2. The Conversion of the natural gas in the reformer is conducted in whitness of nickel catalyst at the temperature 950 – 980 degrees. The Nickel catalyst is found inwardly pipes of reformer, heated outside cleaned leaving (the rubbering) by gas from mine stove.
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