For physico-chemical conversions material

___A shief metallurg of “TehnoIngeniring.RF” company wrote: 
___Usually closer to peripheries, on the rubbering try to dispose the greater amount gaspenetrated of agglomerate to not to create too peripheral move stove, considering following offset of agglomerate on vertical of the intensive combustion of coke. The thick layer of agglomerate on rubbering also reduce peripheryness move stove. This promotes more rare опускание big cone, significant velocity its опускания and increase the leaving the big cone for edges of its crater. For reduction of the peripheral move stove follows also to dispose агломерат on большом cone under coke that he under lowering in stove, got on more flatting (rather then crater to the centre) level forpouring material. For increase the peripheral move stove follows to take accordingly measures, opposite specified above. Thereby, regulation of the move domain stove by changes to loading material on rubbering pertains to mechanical way of the regulation and does not require consideration physico-chemical processes, running under high temperature. Together with that regulation of the move stove through furmens – requires the obligatory account an high-temperatur physico-chemical processes.
___For physico-chemical conversions material in upper horizon domain stove, the main role plays the warm-up factor. The Shicht, contributing in stove, contains the gigroscopeo, but sometimes and gidrated water carbonates. Gigroskopeo water is not connected with material chemical and easy deletes on rubbering. Gidrated water in agglomerats is absent and can appear when use of ore only. If in the shicht are found carbonates (the limestone, МnСОЗ, FеСОЗ), that they will decompose on reactions: MeSO3 = MeO + SO2. The most strong of them limestone (СаСОЗ), in large piece intensive decomposes only at the temperature above 1000 degrees with absorption of the heat. The Presence of the limestone in the shicht undesirable. In modern production this reaction is realized in process of agglomeration. The Conclusion from shicht domain stove 1 kgs limestone allows to spare in her before 0,35 – 0,4 kgs coke (in process of agglomeration on this disperses much more low-grade and low-deficit fuel).
___The Main physico-chemical process in domain stove are a reconstruction processes, defining purpose domain smelting trunks. For these processes, except warm-up conditions, solving importance has a characteristic of the restorer and particularly composition of the gas phase. The Restorer oxides ferric serves CO, H2 and С. Under moderate temperature main reconstruction work execute forming domain gas – a mono oxides of carbon andJiydrogen. The Hydrogen is kept in domain gas in much smaller amount, than CO, however its role in reconstruction process increases due to more quick interaction with oxides, than CO, and its reconstruction on reactions CO + H2O = CO2 + H2.
___The Process of reconstruction oxides ferric by mono oxides of carbon CO, either as hydrogen at the temperature over 570 degrees has three stages (from high oxides to undermost): 
—1.) 3Fe2O3 + CO = 2Fe3O4 + CO2
—2.) Fe3O4 + CO = 3FeO + CO2
—3.) FeO + CO = Fe + CO2
___The constants of balances for all these three reactions, at participation in them clean hard phases, have an alike expression: Kb = bCO2/bCO, but different numeric importances, which are defined usually on the following aproxirnate to equations: 
—l.) lg Kbl = 2810/T + 2,51. 
—2.) lg Kb2 = -1850/T + 2,10. 
—3.) lg Kb3 = 688/T – 0,90.
___On importance of the constant of the balance, can be calculated composition of equal weighting gas phase at miscellaneous temperature. For instance, for reaction under 800 degrees Celsius (1073 on Kelivin), getting Kb3 = 0,55. At condition CO + CO2 = 100% i.e. in the absence of the other component in gas phase, is got following composition: 64,5% – CO and 35,5% – CO2. The equal weighting compositions of the gas phase for all three reactions show that most remaining contentses CO in gas phase for maintenance reconstruction or at least equal weighting of the conditions, requires the reaction of the reconstruction FeO.
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