For the most large stoves

___A shief metallurg of “TehnoIngeniring.RF” company wrote: 
___Bei designing domain shop, annual capacity which at present forms several million tons, but will reach 10 million tons, necessary to pay attention to rational organization cargo flow with minimum extent and economical accomodation of the main buildings of the shop. Use the variants with block and msular.accomodation of the stoves. Under block location two nearby stoves have a general foundry courtyard, airheaters are located on both sides from each stove, railroad tracks are found with both sides of the lines of the stoves. The Defect is a possibility moving on the one hand on another only on buttends of the shop that powerfully limits maneuverability a composition.
___For the most large stoves is designed variant with insular location of the stoves. The Axis each “island” from stove, foundry courtyard and airheaters is found under of corner to the general axis of the shop. On the part of ore courtyard and skip of the lift, either as in the first variant, is located way for cleaning the slag and coke split hairs, on the part of gascleaners – a way for cleaning of cast iron and dust. Sidelong forgoing provide the possibility of the train service slag and cast iron of the sides between stove i.e. much greater maneuverability composition. However herewith necessary greater distance between stove that enlarges the length of the shop. This justified only for shop of the large stoves.
___The Domain smelting is an unceasing metallurgical process, characterizing constant condition on different horizon stove, not changing at time and fluctuating only when change the distribution material in rubberig, velocities their of lowering in stove and characteristic rising gas flow. Periodicity issue cast iron and slag does not cause the essential breach a constancy conditions on height and section worker space stove. Continuity of the domain process advantageously distinguishes it from other metallurgical processes, in the first place steel-melting, realized cicles, separate smelting. As is well known, unceasing processes easier yield to to management, checking and automations. However domain process goes in locked space of the big height and volume that reduces the possibility controlling influence and enlarges their inertions. So, for change the composition slag in grief stove by changes to loading shicht material, is required 5…7 hours (basically length of the passing ore material and gumboil of the whole height stove). Much inertions is a change characteristic of blow, given in stove.
___The main controlling influence on process domain swimming trunks on the part of rubbering, is a change the composition given material and their distribution at hit in stove. The Difference characteristic two main material – agglomerate and coke -allows so adjust loading to provide more full use chemical and heat energy rising toward gas. The ironcontaining material (the agglomerate) have smaller porosity, than coke, and create the greater resistance to moving the gas flow in stove. Here velocity of the gas flow least, but use to energy of the gas – most.
___For functioning the modern domain stoves typical is sparingly peripheral flow gas i.e. passing of the significant share of the gas flow beside sewer stove with raised velocity. Herewith more friable area of the section stove, filled mainly by coke, provide the necessary greater velocity against current gas, playing role sort of vents. Together with that zone least of gaspenetrate, filled mainlyof agglomerate, provides most get fat processing the material. This zone has in section recirculating form and is situated on verticals, on which the most intensive expense of coke exists in grief stove on process of the combustion with formation CO2. On these verticals instead of burning coke move the more heavy piece of agglomerate, forcing back coke with them. Creation such optimum move stove is provided by rational loading material in the rubbing.
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___Предлагаю сделать свой посильный вклад (сумму можно менять):
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