Heat effect

___A shief metallurg of “TehnoIngeniring.RF” company wrote: 
___At presence in domain stove well warmed up slag with raised by contents of the oxides CaO, runs the following reaction: FeS + CaO + С = Fe + CaS + CO. The Heat effect to this reactions is negative so reaction runs with increasing of the temperature in greater depth. Thereby main way of the removing the sulphur in milked stove are raised of maining slag (raised correlation CaO/SiO2) and high warm-up state of working bugle. The First is the contents CaO reached by increase in shicht or using more main of agglomerate, but the second – an increase the consuption of coke, increasing of the temperature of blowing, enrichment of blowing by oxygen. 
___In dependencies from composition of the slag domain stove, reach the certain factor of the sharing the sulphur between slag and cast iron. After achievement of a certain importance of maining under given to temperature, factor of the sharing the sulphur begins to decrease. The Reason is an increase to viscosity high main slag. Introduction to slag additional (over CaO) amount MgO brings about dilution of the slag so for removing the sulphur in domain stove reasonable using at agglomeration of the dolomite limestone, containing except oxides calcium, as well as oxides magnesium. 
___At some events when use of shicht with high contents of the sulphur, for relief of the work domain stove and increasing to its capacity – resort to outside of domain processing of cast iron. For this cast iron after issue from domain stove in knee, handle different reagent (the soda, vaporous magnesium, powdery lime and others). This way allows to delete 50 – 95% sulphurs, residing in cast iron, but requires the additional buildings and expenseses. 
___In solid states restoring in domain stove iron in the manner of sponges, partly is sated carbon on reaction: 
—1.) 3Fe + 2CO = Fe3C + CO2
—2.) 2CO = C + CO2
—3.) 3Fe + C = Fe3C. 
___The first two reactions occur to account CO under 450 – 600 degrees before contentses in sponge 1% carbon, the third reaction – to account of carbon under more high temperature. Carbon lowers the temperature of the melting ferric and as from 1200 degrees occurs smelting particles a ferric and forming the drop of cast iron. Reaching bugle, dripped are sated carbon before 3,7 – 4,2%, in they go also restoring phosphorus, manganese and silicon. 
___The Appearance first portion of the fluid slag (melt not restored oxides) precedes the beginning of the formation of cast iron. The Horizon of the forming the primary slag is not constant and depends on composition of shicht, as well as from distribution rising gas. Before 1100 degrees occurs withstove iron containing material with forming the chemical join, for instance 2FeO*SiO2, under 1100 – 1150 degrees occurs softening a piece and their deformation. After forming the primary slag, in he opens all greater amount an oxides SiO2, Al2O3, CaO and MgO, but contentses restoring oxides FeO and MnO decrease. On horizon of furm in composition of the slag enters the ash of burned coke and is extracted cast iron sulphur. 
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