Process with bottom oxygen blow

___A shief metallurg of “TehnoIngeniring.RF” company write: 
___The Process with bottom oxygen blow, given most often in shell gaseous fuel (the natural gas), allows in contrast with oxygen-converters by process with upper blow to perfect mixed metal and reach greater approximation to balance between fluid metal and slag, reduce the oxidation a ferric and manganese and hereunder enlarge output by fluid steels and reduce the expense an ferromanganese. Vastly decreases dustoutput from converter, forming dust is got more dispersed, however abandon to systems peelings dust, which vastly raise the prime cost a construction and usages of the shop with oxygen converter – does not introduce possible, including under the provisions of guard surrounding ambiences. 
___The Capacity of converter with system peelings dust – several falls, but service converter becomes complicated in consequence of need of the regular change bilge and bottom furms. However using converter with bottom blow reasonable, particularly for change these converter open-hearth furnaces possible without full reconstruction existing open-hearth shop. In process with multifunction blow most rationally match value upper and bottom of blowed – a regulation of the forming the slag to account upper blowing and intensive mixed metal streem gas and reduction amount surge from converter to account bottom blowing. In new variant converters processes is provided also increase the share of the processed crowbar to account of the heating it in solid states in converter by oxygen with fuel and blowing dusttype carbon containing material (coal or coke). 
___At present time newly erected converters have, as a rule, greater capacity 300 – 400 tons and is calculated on maximum capacity 400 – 500 tons at hour and more. The Greater masses got for one smelting of the metal allow more effectively organize its pouring and technical checking the product. The Design converter to big capacity does not suffer principle change. Change basically correlations of the main amounts worker space i.e. internal deskside or profile of the converter. The Mass of the oxygen converter together with fireproof reaches 1000 tons. The Body of the converter is made welded from bent pressed steel sheet, thickness 50 – 120 mms with rib of acerbity. The Cover through zapfen rests in bearings, installed on supporting mount. The Converter can turn round on zapfens around horizontal axis on 360 degrees. 
___A Mechanism of tumbling of the converter is fixed under worker by platform and has two or several electromotors. For greater converter mechanism tumbling consists of two synchronous working drive, each of which united with one zapf. This provides more even sharing the voltages on cover of the converter. Capry fix directly to body of the converter through wrelding to him sector, or to run for body special supporting ring, creating additional acerbity to designs. The Large converters supply usually supporting ring. 
___A Deskside of cover of the converter and internal worker space can be two types – with narrowing and with not narrowing lower part. In second event bilge verges to cylindrical part of body of the converter directly. In both types cylindrical part cover goes at the top in narrowing cone part, which ends the throat of the certain diameter. The Location of throat in oxygen converter symmetrical. This allows to enter of furm for presenting the oxygen strictly on axis of the converter that provides the more even wear-out an fireproof. 
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___Предлагаю сделать свой посильный вклад (сумму можно менять):
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