Reduction contents of manganese

___A shief metallurg of “TehnoIngeniring.RF” company wrote: 
___The real correlations CO and CO2 in gas atmosphere on height domain stove such a that in recalculation on 100% (CO + CO2) correspond to the reconstruction gas phase for all oxides ferric. This signifies that iron is formed as a result of reactions of carbon of coke with CO2. In such type and reveals itself the role of carbon as restorer in reaction of the conversions oxides ferric. He only in small degree directly participates in reaction with oxides ferric in consequence of imperfection of the contact piece coke and agglomerate and absences of the conditions to diffusions of carbon in depth piece, but constantly reproduces the gaseous restorer CO, spending herewith itself on reactions CO + CO2 = 2CO. Such move of the reconstruction is accepted name direct unlike indirect reconstruction, not connected with spending on it carbon and running with participation of the gaseous restorer only. The Temperatures of the indirect reconstruction reach 750 – 800 degrees, but direct – 850 and above degree.
___Possible consider that high oxideses ferric Fe2O3 and Fe3O4, are restored before FeO indirect way, but FeO can be restored as indirect, so and direct way. The Minimum consuption of coke in domain stove can be received under optimum correlation between indirect and direct reconstruction. The Reaction of the indirect reconstruction though and does not require the consuption of coke in place its flowing, but requires big its consuption on formation CO in grief moreover more than 60% CO can be not consumed for conservation reconstruction characteristic gas phase. The Reaction of the direct reconstruction unlike indirect, runs with expenses of the heat, spends carbon in place its flowing though and less, than reaction of the indirect reconstruction, and reduces receipts of the heat in grief at combustion of coke.
___The Analisis, organized by academician M.A. Pavlov, has shown that optimum share of the direct reconstruction ferric, expressing share ferric, restored from FeO direct way, must be not more than 0,3. In modern domain stove it reaches in row of the events 0,5. Thrs means that possible intensification indirect reconstruction is not yet reached. It can be received by improvement of the distribution material in stove, use piece ferrocontaining of ore of the optimum amounts and raised to porosity. These characteristic are connected with improvement of the process of agglomeration, as well as with introduction to composition of rollings of agglomerate, possessing good resoring.
___Except reconstruction oxides ferric, in domain stove occurs recovering the row other oxides with transition restored element in composition of forming metallic product (cast iron and ferro-alloy). Most easy restored are an oxide of the join of phosphorus. This brings about transition practically whole phosphorus of shicht in composition of cast iron. The Single way of the reception of standard cast iron on phosphorus is a selection of shicht material, giving not excess discrepansy contentses of phosphorus in product. In big degree occurs in domain stove reconstruction manganese. In agglomerates manganese is present in the manner of silicate MnO*SiO2 basically and 2MnO*SiO2, which reconstruction is relieved presence CaO (also available of agglomerates in composition) and occurs on reactions MnO*SiO2 + С + CaO = Mn + CaO*SiO2 + CO. The Reduction contents of manganese in cast iron has allowed to reduce the expense of coke on 3 – 5%, raise capacity of the domain stoves on 4 – 7% and reduce the prime cost of cast iron on 10% aproximately.
___The Element, always being present in shicht material domain swimming trunks and partly restored in cast iron, is silicon. In agglomerate silicon is present in the manner of silicate ferric, calcium and silicate of the intermediate composition, in ash of coke it can be present in the manner of free dioxide silicon. Chemical strong join silicon can be restored only with participation of carbon in the field of high temperature. The Condition, several relieving reconstruction, is a transition restored silicon in solution (fluid cast iron with solvent – an iron), as well as formation by iron and silicon of the chemical join (the silicide). Together with that reconstruction is obstructed since passes basically already after turning dioxide of silicon in slag i.e. after reduction its chemical activity in contrast with clean dioxide. Reconstruction silicon basically runs in grief of the domain stove.
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