Regulation of move materials in domain stove

___A shief metallurg of “TehnoIngeniring.RF” company wrote: 
___The regulation of move materials in domain stove can be realized from below by change the mode of blow and blowing additives, overhand – a change the value of the presenting, composition, systems of the loading and level of sprinkl shicht material. The Way of the regulation of the move stove from below use more often. They, as a rule, bring about more quick result, considering that length of the move shicht material forms 5 – 7 hours, but length of stay gas in stove is measured second. Such way are a change amount and the temperature of blow, change the pressure of .the gas, change the correlation of inblowe fuel and enrichments of blow by oxygen. From ways of the regulation of the move stove overhand usually use change the system of the loading and order of the accomodation material when presenting. So at reduction of the peripheral move stove, move to system of the loading with big accomodation of agglomerate in its begin: AACC, ACAC (where A – agglomerate, С – coke). When overloading the peripheries agglomerate, system of the loading must be changed on CAAC.
___In process of conduct smelting trunks for well-timed regulation of its move, are fixed following factors: 
—1.) The Condition a furms zones, their temperature arid moving the particles of coke. 
—2.) The Condition of produced cast iron and slag, their temperature and composition. 
—3.) The Slope of the downloaded presenting, length of lower and uniformity of the move. 
—4.) The Temperature, pressure and composition the rubberihg gas. 
—5.) Distribution leaving gas in upper horizon stove on radius and circumferences of rubbering. 
—6.) The Degree of the surge of dust on rubber. 
—7.) The Temperature and pressure of blow. 
—8.) Distribution of blowing on furms. 
—9.) The Swing of the pressure on height stove. 
—10.) The Consuption of the fuel additives, pair and oxygen, given in bugle stove through furms.
___On modern domain stoves is completely automated operations of the set, of weight and loading of shicht. The Supervisory instrument of the program of the boot will assign and checks the sequence and interleaving of the boot agglomerate, coke and additives, lowering cone and rotation of the distributor sprinkling device. The Automatic processes of the heating and switching the heaters of the air, presenting of blowing in each furm depending on mode of its functioning. Continuously temperature is measured on circumferences of rubbering, centre of the combustion around furms, produced cast iron, as well as is continuously checked composition of rubbering gas.
___To leading indexes of the functioning the domain stoves pertain their average dayly capacity and consuption of coke on unit of smelting cast iron. Due to improvement of preparation cheese, forsage move domain smelting trunks, improvement to technologies and introduction to automations – these factors continuously improve. For comparative estimation of capacity of the domain stoves of the different volume utilization ratio useful volume stove use in Russia, which is defined from relations of the useful volume stove to its dayly capacity.
___Usually importances averagemonty use for calculation utilization ratio useful volume domain stove to capacity, done on calendar number of the day, exclusive of planned length of the heavy repairs. At smelting of the other products, capacity recalculate on remaked cast iron, using transfer factor. The Consuption of coke at melting of cast iron is an most important economic factor production, since its cost forms more than 50% from the general prime cost cast iron production.
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