Row of valuable admixtures

___A shief metallurg of “TehnoIngeniring.RF” company wrote: 
___A contents of silicon in smelting cast iron depends on the temperature in grief and characterizes the heat state of working bugle. In cast iron, used in steel-melting production, contents silicon must be lowered. Under well prepared and carefully averaged of shicht, contents silicon in cast iron can form 0,3%. However for warning the reduction of the temperature of the bugle as a result of change the composition of shicht, necessary to melt cast iron with more high contents silicon (0,5 – 0,8%).
___At special increasing of the contents silicon in product – foundry cast iron (before 3,75% Si) and domain ferrosilicon (9 – 18% Si) – is required increased consuption of coke, tightmelting slags with raised by contents Al2O3, more hot or enriched by oxygen blow. Chromium and vanadium, being present in complex ore, are restored (either as manganese) on 80 – 90% and 70 – 80% accordingly. The restorings titanium several lower, silicon. Aluminum, calcium and magnesium in domain stove are not restored. However in condition domain swimming trunks practically are completely restored nickel, cobalt and copper.
___A Row of valuable admixtures (titanium, zirconium, niobium and others) nearly completely gets lost under existing way of preparation of ore and in process domain smelting trunks. The Contents them in metallic product turns out to be small, but in slag – also insufficient for economic expedient extraction. For complex conversion cheese, the domain process is not optimum. In modern steel-melting and foundry production are required cast iron with low contents of the sulphur, being one of the the most bad admixtures. The Sulphur will add redbreaking become when rolling and raises viscosity foundry cast iron, promoting forming the sinks. In steels and foundry cast iron of the sulphur must be not more 0,02 – 0,04%.
___Significant amount of the sulphur deletes at agglomeration of ore. The Main share of the sulphur in milked stove contributes coke in the manner of undermost sulfide ferric, sulphate and organic sulphur. 
___On measure of the advancement of shicht material inwardly domain stove downwards, exists the redistribution of the sulphur and partial transition it in gas phase, on reaction for instance: 
—1.) FeS + 10Fe2O3 = 7Fe3O4 + SO2
—2.) 3CaSO4 + CaS = 4CaO + 4SO2.
___The main amount of the sulphur of coke acidifies under its combustion around of furms with formation SO2. However on way of the motion sulphurcontaining gas to rubber upwards, exists return the sulphur in shicht material, including in agglomerate. The Centerpieces of the interaction sulphurcontaining gas and hard material are a sulfides calcium and ferric (CaS and FeS), which reach in piece lowerring material before area of the forming the fluid phases (forshoulders, bugle) and are distributed between metal and slag. The Sulfide ferric well opens in fluid cast iron (before 2,5%). For removing the cast iron sulphur necessary to it in strong join or in groups in slag, which not soluble in cast iron. Such join is CaO.
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