The fireproof of converter

___A shief metallurg of “TehnoIngeniring.RF” write: 
___The constanted or armatured layer by thickness before 230 – 250 mms, verging to cover, execute from magnese or magnese – chromium of the brick. It does not be subjected to the direct influence aggressive hightemperatured slag and sharp fluctuations of the temperature and can serve for several years. Internal (the worker) layer of fireproof leaves in worker space converter and abrades under the action of aggressive slag, as well as in consequence of abrasive action of the particles, stood with leaving gas. The Thickness worker layer forms before 750 mm. Worker layer execute from dolomite most often or dolomite – magnesium of the brick. Sometimes for laying worker layer use more expensive magnesium, magnese – chromium and burnt brick.
___The fireproof of converter works in heavy condition, being subjected to influence of the high temperature, termal voltages in consequence of warm-up fluctuations, influence blow piece hard downloaded material and mechanical loads at rotation of the converter. The most heavy are a condition of the service of fireproof of converter in zone slag belt, where she subject to strong chemical, warm-up and mechanical influence of the slag. With increasing of the contents silicon in cast iron, the wear-out of fireproof increases in consequence of significant aggressiveness of the slag and more high temperature. Negativly also affects the overheat of the metal at the end of blowing and work with high location oxygen of furm. The Significant wear-out is subjected to fireproof throat of converter in consequence of soak standed oxides ferric and slag particle, as well as as a result of formation freezing. The Most wear-out has become the exhaust hole (flying), which repair through 50 – 60 smeltings.
___The Stability of fireproofs of the converter falls under more low main of slag and under raised contents in its oxides ferric. The Interaction last with oxides calcium and magnesium of fireproof causes formation an easymelting join. Particularly powerfully act the oxideses a ferric on corrode of fireproof at final period smelting trunks. Disadvantage influences upon stability of fireproof increase interval between smelting, when in converter with oxide atmosphere as a result of its in it air and coke film, preventing brick, acidifies. In these periods is harmed acts cooling an of fireproof, bring about prick of fireproof from termal voltages. The Stability of fireproof oxygen converter varies over a wide range. When use the dolomite brick, it reaches 400 – 800 smeltings. However in row of the events stability of fireproof well above, when use periclaz brick particularly. For increasing of stability of fireproof broad using finds the repair of the worn-out parts by method torcret, which is concluded in fixing on surface hot fireproof moistened refractory mass in stream compressed air.
___The Presenting of oxygen in converter upper blowing is produced vertical water-coolled furms, having possibility to move vertically on height of the converter in the course of smelting trunks. The Furm make from three steel seamless pipes, located cocentrited. The Internal pipe serves for cart of the oxygen, average – for tap of water. On medicine to be taken externally to pipe in furm is coolling water. The most important part of furm, defining condition of the shaping oxing gas flow and its influences on metal, is a head with nozzle. The Head germetic united by weldings with medicine to be taken externally and internal pipe of furm. The Head oxygen of furm is removable, its fix to steel pipe and cut in the event of wear-out.
___Nozzles execute inwardly heads in the manner of wimiowimaging dispersing hole with corners of the slopping of their axises to axis of furm from 6 before 15 degrees. Sniffled have narrowing part, moving over to expanding, and present itself so named sniffled of Lavals. Such sniffled allow reach the velocities of the outflow of the oxygen over 500 metres at second. The Number sniffled in applicable at present furms forms 3-5. Herewith becomes possible increase the consuption oxygen blowings before 1200 cubic metres at minute (without significant surge of the metal) and surfaces of the reactionary zone, on which blow interacts with fluid metal.
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