The Slag is formed

___A shief metallurg of “TehnoIngeniring.RF” write: 
___The sharp increase the volume of the slag at growing of the concentrations silicon in cast iron worsens stability an fireproof of converter, intensive corroded by slag at the first period of the process, when contents main oxides in its else little. The Raised contents silicon in cast iron could be accompanied increasing the share melted down of scrap, however this economic not reasonable, since deterioration of the factors of the process, noted above, exceeds in this case effect from salvaging additional of scrap. Thereby, increasing of the contents silicon in cast iron for oxygen of converters process inadvisable. However inadvisable and reduction of this contents below determined limit. For removing the bad admixtures from metal necessary determined an amount of the slag. 
___The Slag is formed as a result of dissolutions of lime moreover the main solvent is dioxide of silicon (the product of the oxidation silicon cast iron). Before excess of the floor limits of the contents silicon in cast iron, increasing of its contents is positive as well as therefore that several enlarges output suitable to account of increasing of the share processed, of scrap (this floor limit, as a rule, does not exceed 0,6 – 0,7%). 
___Not smaller importance in contrast with absolute contentses silicon in cast iron has a constancy of its contents from swimming trunks to smelting, since from this basically depends the stability an amount slag, added lime, скрапа, heat mode of the process and other factors. The Consuption of scrap, deflnied also concentration silicon in cast iron, is an important factor in oxygen converters production. The Maximum amount of scrap, which can be smelting in oxygen converter, forms aproximately 28% from mass of cast iron or 24 – 25% from mass metallshicht (along with the scrap). A Certain increase amount processed in converter of scrap at conservation of unchangeable technology possible at reduction simple between smelting and increase to intensities of blowing and reduction to its duration. At present technology change for these integer with enabling the operations of the heating of scrap in converter. 
___An factors of the process oxygen converters smelting trunks significant influence renders change to concentrations manganese in-processed cast iron. Increase the contents in its manganese brings about sharp growing amount slag and increase the losses ferric with its. When use low manganese cast iron, leaving the fluid metal well above. However for its using necessary high quality lime, as well as hard restrictions on contents of the sulphur in cast iron, since decreases the amount of the slag and together with its amount of the sulphur, extracted from metal in slag. 
___The Phosphorus and sulphur under usual their contents in cast iron (0,25% and 0,045% accordingly) do not render the essential influence upon forming the slag and the other factors of the oxygen converters process. At contents of phosphorus over 0,3% is required intermediate a swinged slag for achievement of the low final contentses of phosphorus in metal. The Contents of the sulphur in cast iron over 0,05% inadmissible, since in this case it is impossible guarantee it is enough low its contentses in got by steels. The Swinged of slag for this is not efficient, since main amount of the sulphur deletes from metal in oxygen converters process at the end of blowing. Thereby, optimum cast iron for of oxygen converters process is cast iron, containing less 0,7% Si; less 0,6% Mn; 0,20 – 0,25% P and less 0,045% S. 
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