Zone of combustions

___A shief metallurg of “TehnoIngeniring.RF” company wrote: 
___For determinations of the influence slag on the temperature in grief domain stove, necessary to take into account the horizon of their formation. Easy melting slags, coming to bugle with horizon relatively low temperature, causes cooling the bugle, but well warmed up, formed below slags, bring in bugle heat and promote increasing of its temperature under normal move of the work domain stove.
___The main part of heat enters in domain stove in zone of furm at interaction of carbon of coke with oxygen heated air of blow. About conditions of the combustion of coke near furms, depends lowering shicht material and their physico – chemical conversions, as well as motion in stove gas flow, executing greater heat and chemical work. At interaction of coke with oxygen of blow near furms occurs the circulation a piece, reduction of their sizes and full transition in gaseous products and ash. Change the sizes of the zones to circulations and combustions possible to direct traffic and processing used in domain stove material.
___The Zone of combustions around furms domain stove has a complex deskside. Its consists of centre of the combustion near each of furm, which borders and close with each other. Under air blow the oxygen disperses on distance 1100 – 1500 mms from most of furm, changed in CO2 on reactions CO2 + С = 2CO. In the field of maximum contents CO2 temperature gas in grief reaches 1900 degrees, when moving to axis stove in consequence of endotermal reaction, its lowered before 1200 – 1300 degrees. The Composition of the gas phase in the field of combustions of coke near furm is an oxigened, in all rest volume stove its reconstruction.
___The Sizes of oxigened zone, aproximately complying with zone of the circulations, play the important role in regulation of the motion and processing material in domain stove. They hang from mode and composition given of blowing. Increase the minute consuption of blowing, enlarges the volume and extent oxigened zones. Increasing of the temperature of the heating of blowig reduces the volume and extent of the zone in consequence of speedup reaction interactions of blowing with oxygen. Similarly influence of the enrichment air of blow by oxygen. At increasing of the pressure of the gas in stove partial overlapping its flow on gascleaning – decrease the kinetic energy an blowing and sizes oxigen zones. An opposite influence of the moistening of blowing, slowing reactions of the interaction it with coke.
___Under blowing additives of the natural sas in domain stove, other things beino equal – increases the volume of the products of combustion, and consequently sizes oxide zones. However usually blowing natural gas is accompanied increasing of the contents of the oxygen in given blow and then effect depends on correlations of the additives of the natural gas and oxygen. When moving formed in grief domain stove gas upwards – exists change of its composition the most strong in mine. In medium of the mine domain stove contents CO2 increases from 3 before 8 – 12%, but around of rubbering – before 16%, basically as a result of developments reaction indirect reconstruction. The Contents CO in gas changes from 35 – 45% in grief before 23 – 30% on output from stove. The Contents of the nitrogen changes small (from 55 before 58%). The rubbering gas comes out of domain stove with the temperature 150 – 300 decrees.
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